Welcome to Insurance Lead Picks. This site is designed to assist insurance agents looking to purchase online insurance leads. There are quite a few options available and typically only one or two will be a good fit for an agent’s specific requirements and locale.

We take personal experience as well as aggregation reviews and opinions of various industry contacts to provide comprehensive insurance lead company reviews. We only list companies that we have full confidence in to narrow down the search options. Each of the companies listed are highly recommended and each has their own qualities. We recommend testing as many options as possible to find the right fit for your book of business. Some agents have 1 provider they are loyal to and others prefer to use as many providers as possible as long as they are getting a positive return on their investment. Please take a moment to review our listings and if you are unsure take advantage of free insurance lead offers to give a few companies a test run.

If you are new to buying insurance leads take a look at our internet insurance lead buyers guide first.